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Work independently!

No administration work. With a co-constructive network.

We offer a platform for people who want to realize their project independently and concentrate fully on their core business.

Your project is running? Would you like to offer your services professionally? Do you have an exact idea of what and how you would like to work as a self-employed person? Actually, you just want to get started and put all your energy into your passion? Nevertheless you need a lot all around: encouragement, insurances, registration as a self-employed person at the SVA, website, bookkeeping, social network and and and and. We as sinndrin cooperative keep your back free.

Dedicate yourself completely to your project. We as sinndrin cooperative keep your back free by making you count formal as an employee and not as a self-employed person. Administratively, everything remains the same for you in your private life. You don’t have to deal with the jungle of forms and a complicated tax return.

Our offer shows you in which other areas you can get support. Joining the cooperative is almost enough. We have only a few requirements and no small print.